4th Grade Science Teacher, October 1999

October 2, 1999

For those of you who are having trouble picturing me teaching a 4th grade class, I offer the following anecdotal evidence that I am perfectly qualified for this position:

Typical conversation during the 4th grade version of taking notes:

Class is completely quiet.  Students have books and paper out.

Teacher:  METAMORPHOSIS.  Write this down on your paper.

John:  Is that a ‘Q’ ?

Teacher:  No.  It’s an ‘O’.  Okay, now write this down after “metamorphosis”:


John:  Can I write it next to it?

Teacher:  Yes

Javier:  I wrote it underneath.

Teacher:  That’s fine.

John:  Like this?

Natalie:  Can we use pen?

Teacher:  Yes, that’s fine.  Now, butterflies aren’t the only animals that go through metamorpho—

Javier: I wrote it below.

Vanessa:  What’s that letter?

Melissa:  That’s a ‘PH’.

Javier:  I wrote it below.

Robby:  Do we need our crayons?

Javier:  ( Out of desk and walking up to me) I wrote it  below like this.  Is that okay?

Teacher:  Yes, that’s fine.  Go sit D-

Robby:  Can I go get my crayons?

Teacher:  No, we don’t n—

Samantha:  One time I saw a cocoon and it was by our door for a couple mon…a couple…not months, maybe a few weeks, and…um…then one day it was gone.

Teacher:  mmmmmmm

Melissa:  My uncle has a hornets nest by his house.

Teacher:  DJ and Jonathon!  DJ turn around!

DJ:  He keeps taking my pencil.

Jonathon: You threw it at me.

DJ:  Can I go sharpen my pencil?

Teacher:  Metamor—

Kevin:  If you were walking by a tree would a Praying Mantis jump on you and bite you?

Natalie:  What are those white spots on this beetle for?

Jessica:  Can I go to the bathroom?

Teacher:  No, wait until after class.  SHHHHHH ! Class, pay attention!  Robby, sit down and put the tape back.  Now, who can tell me another animal that goes through metamorphosis?  Yes, Javier ?

Javier:  Do we have homework ?

and so on and so forth for 45 minutes when I grab a quick beer and prepare for the next class.  I really think they are learning.

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